Pay for performance in subscription process


today I was alerted by a new subscriber for that during subscription process he was told that there was no free period for [LINKSYSTEM_82842492]. I verified and while the information about pay for performance was correctly stated in the old system, in the new system it just says that there is no free period, which in my case is one month minus one day.

I raised this issue in an earlier post in the context of the systems search engines (grid, etc.) with no feedback at all.

This is clearly wrong as it misrepresent the designer philosophy in sharing some of the pain with the subscribers

Pay for performance systems should correctly be classified and advertised as offering a free period minus one day.



Erik - We are no longer supporting the “pay-only-if-prior-period-is-profitable” business model for new systems. (Old systems that were created with that model can continue to use it.) So we won’t spend a lot of development time honing how these kinds of systems are classified in various lists. That said, the way your system is described on the new-style system page (“Subscriptions to this system cost $49.00 per month. You will be charged at the end of the term, but only if the Model Account on this web page has been profitable for the preceding month.”) seems pretty accurate to me.