TOS seems odd on this strategy

This is a screen shot of the TOS details for one strategy. There are a couple things I don’t understand but may be very obvious. First, the “#trading signals issued by system since certification” seems way too high. Looking at the previous trades and even looking at the AutoTrade data there are only a total of 61 BTO and STC orders combined. Is the 102 coming from stops that were placed but never used etc.?

Second since the percent signals followed since 01/05/2018 is so low, does it look like intentional manipulation or what?


FYI this is my volatility strategy. I know I did change the account I was autotrading at for a bit. I was following in a IRA and after XIV crashed my original intent was to use SVXY, which can’t be used at IB IRAs. I have since switched back to following my IRA, but I still don’t really understand how it could have gotten this far off. For one I don’t understand how my signals issued number is so high and two with the short time frame of me switching it just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Maybe it is correct. I know support is looking into it but said it would be a while. Just curious if anyone else knows.

just by glancing at your TOS stats, you started in august of 2017, but you didnt get “current” TOS until jan 2018; and you made an account change on 2/21/2018. you real account balance is small than your c2 trade size. (% of TOS can be tricky, someone with 100% scale could have x5 balance than their strategy, someone whos 100% TOS doesnt mean their IB balance is same as c2 balance, because you can use IB margin to match the trading size of your c2 trade size to get 100% TOS)

For subscribers or potential new subs can take it with how they want to interpret the data as they wish. To me its not a big deal as long as most of the systems gain and draw down is after TOS has started. There is a few system that will get 100-500% gain the first 3 months trading on paper money, then get TOS after risking the ultra high risk trades. then they just put on auto cruise going forward hoping to trick subscribers they made 500% in 3 months with real money. some will also do the same after a large draw down just to proof to subscribers they have skin in the game, but in fact they didn’t get TOS after the large draw down.

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Thanks I really appreciate the feedback. I have definitely seen those swing for the fence then set to autopilot systems like you mention. I figure to many that may be what mine looks like now, but I am sure in a year that percent follow will come back up or C2 will fix it if there is an actual problem. I am still curious why the number of signals is higher than I expect. Could that be from stops that were placed but never filled?

For the record I just tried placing some orders and some stops without them being filled and the number of signals did not go up.

Im under the assumption c2 consider a completed closed trade as 1 trade. which is what your system said # of trades made. 44

But under TOS, any buy order, stop limit. closing trades slowly or adding position slowing are all consider TOS signals. 2/5/18 12:19 VXX trade you made, that’s consider 9 signals but 1 trade. # of signals executed, that’s how C2 matches your IB trade to c2 signals. Also any options expiration or options assignment is NOT included in signals executed. my Strategy sells a lot of options, that’s why there is a large discrepancy of my TOS stats on # of trading signal issued vs # of trading signal executed.

I believe the # of trading signals issued by system since certification is total of signal since inception of the strategy, not just after have TOS started.

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I think you are right about the diffence of the trades being opening a position and completely closing it. Like you said 2/5/18 had 9 separate transactions. I was thinking the same as you about the signal number since certification being based on that but I count 64 transactions/signals since 1/5 - start of certification. Since the beginning I count 93. I am just missing where where the 102 is coming from. Again probably not a big issue just doesn’t add up to me, or maybe I can’t add. Also, I have another system that started TOS well after it started an the signals since certification are lower than the total trades which tell me that the signals must not be from inception. Safety factor shows 94 trades but only 15 signals since inception. Again it isn’t a huge issue but I want to be able to explain correctly when people ask and I am not sure I understand what is going on with the verification.