TPS Daytrade

This is the easiest system to trade I’ve ever traded, and the posted results are near 100% accurate, at least for the short time I’ve been a subscriber. Anyone can trade this system using ITM, and not have to stay glued to the screen all day, as it makes only ONE trade a day, and then only after 1:20 Eastern time. As some of you know, some of the other systems have inflated results and use limit orders and then claim fills at unrealistic prices. Others charge an arm and a leg for their system, too. Anyway, check it out. I’m only a subscriber, but thought I’d post on a system that’s the real deal.


I recently (today) sent the following message to the system creator, and received a reply to the effect that you were very busy lately and the charts were not being kept up-to-date (even though the dates on the horizontal axis inicated otherwise). Please explain. Thanks – Alan

Message viewed by Ken Kiessling at Fri Oct 14 14:26:56 2005. The message you sent which was viewed is attached below. ======================================================== The trade history shows a loss on 10/11/2005, no other trades that day, and all trade-cycles closed in the day in which they were opened. Why then does C2 show a monotonic increasing account-value curve for the past week, which includes 10/11/2005?