Track 'n Trade

Any idea how i get my signals from my Track 'n Trade futures platform,real account, into my system here at C2? Track 'n Trade is something like tradestation, for tradestation there is a solution to get the signals send and received in the system but there is no such a thing for Track 'n Trade.

Please help.

Hi, Edwin:

We don’t currently support that software package. My advice would be for you, as a customer of that product, to contact the software developer, and encourage it to add support for Collective2 to the software package. It may benefit the developer by raising that product’s profile in our community of active traders.

You can point the developer to this page, where he or she can learn more about our various programming interfaces:

In particular, it sounds like you want the developer to support this specific functionality:

By all means, have the programmers there contact me directly if they need any help.



I made a suggestion to Track 'n Trade for making this a new feature, i hope they will.