TradeStation developer - general questions on getting started

I am a long time TradeStation developer specializing day trading of stock index futures. My stuff is currently traded only by an autotrading broker who uses NinjaTrader to route the orders. I write all the code, include the part to interface with NT. Orders are typically limit orders, but they don’t have to be. Can someone recommend a good approach to sending my signals to C2. I won’t use the email. I also want this to be a portfolio system.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi, Tom:

The best place to start is here:

How to Use TradeStation with C2

  • Matthew

Thanks, but I won’t use the email interface. What’s the next option?

There is no other option (unless you can convince TradeStation management to open up their proprietary software to 3rd party interfaces).

But, Tom, I’m a little puzzled by your categorical statement that you “won’t use the email interface.” Why not? Just in case your hesitation is caused by the fact that the word “email” is in the description, let me be clear: the buy/sell signals are not actually sent by email. Rather, we intercept SMTP commands and send the signals direct to C2, without the use of email. (That is, we spoof an SMTP server, and the TradeStation software is none the wiser.)


Thanks anyway. I’ll think about.