Trade Entry Screen

Is it just me, or do others also find the old trade entry screen much better than the new trade entry screen?

I hope the old one is never removed as it would make life a lot more difficult for me!

I simply wish (HELLO, MATT??) that the trade entry screen could be minimized in size, with the entry screen and positions the ONLY thing in the browswer window.

There is no reason why it needs to take up an entire browser window with all C2 links on the side. If Matt would simply remove those links the trade window can remain opened without taking up so much screen space.

If a user has the trade window opened, they are not going to want to access navigation links anyway.

That feature is already available. Click the link that says MINIMIZE PAGE (top of the window).

Great…however…when attempting to minimize in both IE and Firefox, I keep getting this: “You do not have trade-entry rights for this system”, although I am logged into my system.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Any thoughts on what could be triggering that error message?

That sounds like a security/session problem. My guess is that you are trying to keep multiple C2 windows open at once, under the same user login. Is that what is happening? (If this is the case, then to prevent it, don’t keep multiple C2 windows open at once.)

Thanks Matt, that seems to have been the problem.