Trade Signal "Report Problem" Adjustment


I have not yet received trade adjustments for the “report problem” links that I clicked during the past 2 weeks.

I request an immediate trade adjustment to the EXLENCE trading record as follows:

BTO 6 @BON9 at 3862 (order entered 05/18; price level hit on 05/19)

STC 6 @BON9 at 3775 (order entered 05/18; price level hit on 05/21)

BTO 11 @BON9 at 3825 (order entered 05/26; price level hit on 05/29)

Also, please advise on your intention to restore the order entry tick values for Soybean Oil and Soybean Meal to be in line with the trading exchange’s tick values (which are 0.01 for Soybean Oil and 0.1 for Soybean Meal).



Hi, Chris:

The price format for @BO has changed. Stops need to be entered as 38.62, not 3862, etc. I apologize for the fact that there was no notice about this. It took me by surprise, too.


Thanks for the reply.

On May 26th, I did enter the @BON9 price as 38.25 in the trade ticket price window. After I clicked the submit trade button, the Collective2 system changed the price to 3825 when it displayed in the open orders list. (I hope you still have the data that shows the webform submit price for this order was indeed "38.25" to verify.)

So, I expect that this is why the May 26th order did not execute.

I will enter all @BO orders with a 2 place decimal and all @SM orders with a 1 place decimal on a go-forward basis.