Trades being lost

For two nights now I have had the same problem; I submit a trade and it shows up on the Trade Blotter (most of the time). When I look again later it is gone. A few trades are accepted and cause the generation of an email, but the remaining trades simply disappear. I am having this problem both with my two cloned systems (from Youtualfunds), as well as with the two systems that I have maintained on Collective2 for some time.

I have had to make these trades multiple times, and it appears this morning that I will have to try again at the actual market Open to see which trades are going to take, and which ones will be tossed. Also, the Reverse feature rarely works for me … although it is ideal for my 5-Stock system.

Hi, Craig:

Please tell me which system this refers to, and an approximate time (and time zone). If you can remember which trade this happened for (i.e. symbol, quant, etc.) that would be helpful too.

You can email me if you prefer. You know the drill: matthew_at_collective2_com