Trade entries disappearing

I keep entering trades and they say "pending" for about 45 seconds then they disappear. If I hit the refresh button they also disappear. Can you help me with this problem. I have everything entered correctly.

Arthur: Send me an email with the exact details of the trade you are trying to enter (symbol, quant, exact time / time zone, etc.) Also email me your browser version and type (IE? Chrome? Etc.) and operating system (windows? mac?)

My email is matthew at collective2

Also, try this: Log out of C2, close your browser (by quitting the program), then re-open, and log in again. Try placing the order and tell me if that works.

Yes , same here it happens all the time lately , i have to go to my system page then i go back to the trade entry page and retry then it works , it seems it happens if you are inactive in the trade entry page for some time before you place your trade .

Mathew this has happened to me a couple of times in the last 3 weeks.


OK, I’ve added some more code to try to prevent this. If you could report to me the next time it happens (let me know which browser type and version number, and OS) that will be helpful. Email is fine if you don’t want to post forum messages.

Hi, Matthew. I, too, have been seeing this a lot for the last week or two.

I use Firefox 14.0.1, Windows XP Pro, SP3

Ok, but let me know if you see it starting this week. - MK

I’m still seeing it. I notice it a lot on order updates. The first effort at an update always fails, but the second effort to update always succeeds.

I’ve also seen this several times recently (including today). In my case, a new order will show in Pending status for 30-45 seconds and then disappear. The trade blotter doesn’t show any corresponding entry right away. Today, I re-entered the same order after checking the blotter, it filled correctly, but shortly after the first order also was also filled, resulting in a duplicate.


Just happened again to me. I placed an order and when I hit "send", the order disappeared. I had to re-enter it and it went through the second time.


It is still happening to me also.

Yes, still happening to me too. Happened again this morning. Trade disappears. Yesterday it disappeared, then reappeared over 8 minutes later.