Parked trades did not execute

Hello C2 Team

I have emailed about this issue several days back and also posted tickets for each trade.

To recap, I had “parked” these trades to execute at 15:59 on 2nd Jan (as I always do each day). For some reason they failed to execute (the C2 server appeared to be running slow to me) and were executed on the market open on the 3rd at worse prices.

Please could they be corrected? We have two Trading Systems affected, each with a pair of trades. Details of the trading systems and trade ID’s below.

Trading System (83619699), Trades:84955328, 84955337

Trading System (83491662), Trades:84955389,84955394

Many thanks


I have responded by email.

Tks for explanation. Can I suggest that this kind of event (your quote feed went down) could have been announced on @c2status which was my first port of call when I had the problems.