Trades not working correctly

LAST NIGHT (approx 9pm, Monday):

I entered Palladium (PAU8) and Platinum (PLN8) using the O function. Instead of getting in at approx 8:22 & 8:32 respectively, they both turned up as “expired” overnight instead.

I put in ADU8, CDU8, SFU8 with the O function, and they did nothing. Instead, they showed up for the NEXT day’s (Weds) open for 8:22am!

The Dow Jones (DJU8), entered with the ) function opened at 9:30am. I believe the market opens at 8:20??

The other stuff seemed good.

I’ll look into this.


I have also experienced a lot of hanging tonight, as well as "Bad Gateway" and red-lettered "Collective2 Reconnecting" messages.

Yes, I’m re-installing the crapped out memcache modules. Thinks should be stabilized later tonight.

Here is an example:

Original trade, and how it looked Monday night (to release Tues morning):

6/16/08 19:23 STO 1 PAU8 Stop: Day’s Open… DAY Release at 6/17/08 8:32

After the PA open, it completely disappeared. The only thing I could find, was in the “emailed” listing table:

Expired 6/17/2008 Buy to open 1 PAU8 @ stop…