Tradestation 2000i automated with c2

I am using Tradestation 2000i and want to send the trades directly from it to c2. With TS 8 is posible using c2tray but I’ve been told that it doens’t work with 2000i.

I have read the threat ‘C2 Signal Entry API’ but I don’t now how to get TS2000i to pass the trades into a URL.

Would it be posible to get TS2000i to do this?

If not what other solution do you sugest?

For sure I am not the first one with this problem but after searching the forum I haven’t found anything on this. So any comment will be highly apreciate.


No replies???

Come on!! I don’t believe this is a dificult thing for people on the forum.

Please don’t be lazy to write and pointing me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

I have the same problem !!!

anyone should have a solution to this.

did you contact c2 stuff about it?

It should work. This forum needs a bump.