New TradeStation / C2 Helper Application

(If you use TradeStation to generate trade signals and send them to C2, then please read this message.)

Due to the increasing number of TradeStation-interface users here at C2, the TS Interface has grown slow and unreliable. In order to solve the problem, I’m asking you to download a small “helper application” which runs on your own computer (the same computer where your TradeStation runs). This helper application (with the elegant name “c2tradetsation”) will make sure your orders arrive at Collective2 safely and in the proper sequence.

You’ll need to re-configure your TradeStation settings to use this. See the “Using TradeStation” link at the left menu bar (towards the bottom of the screen). It contains detailed instructions for the new setup.

While using this application is not yet required during this beta test period, it will eventually become mandatory. I encourage people to begin experimenting with the application. This will improve the reliability of your TradeStation orders, and will make your computer seem much more responsive! Let me know if you have any questions.


For all you TS users out there, I HIGHLY recommend this tool. Using the old method, each order took several seconds to complete the SMTP connection and send the message; during which time TS was effectively locked up. Now; TS fires off all the orders (sometimes as many as a dozen at once) in less than a second and the tool handles parsing the messages and entering the orders directly on C2 via the C2 API - it is both MUCH faster and more reliable. This may be what was required for true “hands off” operation with C2.

Great work Matthew!!