TradeStation and C2Tray

I am running the current version of TradeStation in 64 bit mode. One improvement is that emailed signals can be sent to ANY port number (Its part of the configuration).

Since port 25 is blocked by my ISP (Comcast), is there any alternative port number I could use in place of port 25.

I forgot to say this would enable me to stop running c2tray. A minor improvement, but any improvement is a good idea.

See this:

"If port 25 doesn’t work for you, new versions of TradeStation (version 9.1 and higher) allow you to specify an alternate port. We support port 9235 as well."

Bohuslav Svancara

Thanks, that worked and I get the test reply correctly.

But trades posed to the matrix do not show up in the ITM. I think I have done the remaining setup correctly. What should I look at now?