New TradeStation Interface Available (Beta)

If you (1) use TradeStation, and (2) are adventurous, then you may want to try our brand new super-slick TradeStation interface (currently in Beta release). The new program is called C2tray. Rather than running as an ugly DOS “console” app, the new application runs in the system tray, and has a bunch of new features, including:

- Ability to forward TradeStation emails to another address

- Ability to specify listen port (eliminate SMTP conflicts)

- Much nicer user interface

If you want to try the beta, download from:

Please let me know what you think.

- Matthew

…and how do we add other emails etc…??

Right click the C2 tray icon, select Preferences. -MK

Is this answer still valid? The link does not work.

I would need to receive email notifications from TradeStation to my email personal address as it allows me to monitor my system AND send emails to C2.


Hi, Phillipe:

You’ll note that the original post announcing this version of the TradeStation interface was from 2006, more than six years ago. Since then the TradeStation interface has changed. It is no longer an app that you download onto your PC. Rather, you now route TradeStation emails through a special C2 mail server which interprets them.

There is currently no way to also have TradeStation emails sent to a second email address under this configuration.

However, I believe this SMTP multiplexing functionality is available in a commercial software product. I think, but am not certain, that TradeBullet offers this function. You may want to check with info@atresearch dot com to see if this feature is still available.