Tradestation data refresh resends signals

When Tradestation refreshes, from a PC restart for instance, my trade signals are resent. Does C2 account for this or do I need to find a way on my end? I have tried a couple of things on my end but I don’t seem to be able to turn it off selectively. Has anyone else had this problem?

Tradestation does indeed resend the signals, even on a data refresh. This is a GOOD THING. C2 does not generally have an issue with this, since the newly sent orders replace any existing orders from the same system and in most cases simply replace the orders with exact duplicates - again, not really a bad thing.

I have been running TS against C2 for 5+ months now, and although there have been issues, Matthew has resolved most of them. The new c2tradestation.exe applet is the result of much of this work and is, IMHO, gotten us to 99% effectiveness with the interface.