Duplicated Orders from TradeStation/C2.exe


Is there anyway to prevent duplicated orders from being executed?

When ever a brief internet outage occurs or when a strategy setting is viewed and closed, if there is a signal on that candle, it gets sent again and again.

For example, I left for a few moments and apparently TS signaled a buy to open order in the AUD futures. TS shows that my strategy has 1 long contract. But C2 executed it twice, most likely because my platform sent a duplicate order.

Is there any way for C2 to identify idential/duplicated orders and only honor the first one. Going in after that fact and closing a non-intended order isn’t a great way to do it.

Actually, C2 does screen out duplicate orders issued by TradeStation. Please send me the specific details where this did not work so that I can examine the logs and figure out why the duplicate screening failed.


Let me know what details you need from me and I’ll email them. Especially any TS logs, etc…

From the C2 end I’m specifically talking this time about the 2 ADH7 Trades today in the Reversion to the Mean system:

Emailed, trade filled @0.7876 (2/28/07 18:00)

2/28/2007 Buy to open 1 @ADH7 at market DAY

Emailed, trade filled @0.7876 (2/28/07 18:00)

2/28/2007 Buy to open

Note that both orders are exactly the same and have the same time stamp.

In my platform I have only 1 order at that time.

Let me know if you need some specific file, screenshot, etc. and I’ll email it to you.