Trading strategy always going into negative

Hi guys
I dont understand something here still. This is third time this has happened to mys strategy. I was down a bit,and then went out of my way to get it into positive, a lot and then stopped. I made sure with every chart, I was trading, to close the trade.Pressed the close button multiple times on every market I trade. made sure I had no positions, open only to have my balance negative by 1300 again. This is 3rd time, an I dont understand it. Why is this alway happening. Very very strange

Are you trying to trade C2 Web charts? They’re delayed. - Other than that not possible.

Hi BlackOpzFX2. I am using Ninja Trader and always, once I reach 100 or more in profit, every day I switch everything off and done. I always check everything before I finish. All time high is in the green, yet at the beginning of the next day, -200 in the red. I wish I could supply some picture of it.

Alt+PrintScreen (to copy what you see on your computer screen), paste it in Windows Paint, save the image, upload it to a free image hosting service (such as Upload your images ) then copy and paste the URL of the image here.