"Trading Volatility 1" for $60/mo to celebrate our 79% return since launch

Since the launch of our automated 'Trading Volatility 1’ strategy in February, the system has returned 79% through May (results are hypothetical).

To celebrate we are offering a discount on our leading volatility trading strategy: Two months of the strategy for just $60/mo. If you are interested in redeeming this offer just message me and I will set your price to reflect the discount (offer expires June 15, 2016).

You can read the description and statistics of the strategy at the above link.



Im interested in redeeming this offer.


Hi, I would like take advantage of your offer abd subscribe to the system.
How do I go about doing that?

On the system’s page just click on subscribe for the free trial. Once you’re signed up just let me know and I’ll apply the discount.


Hi Jay,

I’ve already subscribed for the free trial.
Kindly advise.

Discount has now been applied.