VolatilityPRO 50/10% Performance and Description

The trading system now comes with no cost until further notice.

So you’re going to raise prices every month based on a track record we are to believe. Good luck on the site.


This is new trend here.
People selling backtests and wishes.


yes please explain. If you can start the system at $20 a month I will join.

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I’m clicking on this system but the page doesn’t show any charts or trades. Says there were 3 trades already. Is something being hidden?

Yes please explain why this is a high quality system.

Hi, if you are using covered calls is not necessarily a safe method if the underlying is in a freefall as you can sustain a huge drawdowns. In the long run you may be able to recover the from the drawdown but it will all depend on the underlying’s behaviour as covered calls will also limit capital gains on huge swing ups as well. Its a viable strategy but there could be rough periods of drawdowns as I have tried that with real trades in the past with mixed results. The key is to pick the proper underlying at the proper time. But anyways, good luck with your strategy as time will the judge. I hope it does well.

If you don’t perform, will you still keep increasing the monthly subscription fees?

Thank you. However, I’m still on the fence about subscribing even though the stats and the performance are outstanding. I’m willing to sign up right now if you tell me that this will perform as the backtest indicates.

Sorry, but in that case I would need to see actual results here on C2 so I’ll check back in 1 year to see how you’re doing and re-evaluate signing up then. Good luck!

(Yawn) - Another genius trader with no track record whatsoever promising the world…
These seems to be a dime a dozen recently.

How long does he last here - 1 months? 3 months? someone gimme some odds. lol.


I think we need to give the man a chance. As he said he has exact stats going back 3 years. We should try to believe him because who would go on the internet and lie? And, don’t forget that he has a breakdown of subscription prices from Oct 2017 to Oct 2018. Only someone that confident in his system would plan that far.


Super. So he can just upload (or provide a link to) a broker’s statement over the last 3 years (with personal details hidden of course). Easy.


CarpetHooligan, if that was sarcastic, it’s fantastic.

If not - you definitely need to invest with him. After all, who would make all this stuff up? lol.

@DogZebra_Investing, I’m fully on board with Mr. UpperCasePro. I’ve even helped him improve his biz management plan to save you guys on fees.

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I’m sorry, that’s called gambling. Using the word bet is a big no no in the trading/investment community. But, like I said, I do promise to check on your progress in 1 year and consider subscribing then, and I’m an upholstery of my word.

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Check you facts man, last time I paid to C2 was over a year ago. I just hope for the sake of your would be subscribers they don’t lose too much money.

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Oh no, please do consider answering. LOL

Same with GalBarak - Check your facts - I haven’t paid C2 since 2016 - before they jacked up their fees - which, combined with the poor execution I was getting, made me cancel my one strategy I was running this year.
My other strategies I stopped running in 2013/2014 (one trade open on one. can’t close it so oh well. lol).

I would BET your strategy isn’t around in 6 months, let alone a year.

And no, we aren’t jealous, we are just tired of people claiming how great their backtest is on here, how great they will do, and then their strategy collapses into ruin.

Show me live performance on C2, and I will show you respect. Until then.

-DZ out.

I haven’t laughed so hard in ages, you’re hilarious. Keep it going.:laughing:

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