Tradovate Experience?

I had no luck getting a response to an earlier question about futures brokers (did get 1 helpful PM), so I’m trying again with a more specific question. Does anyone here have an account with Tradovate and could comment on their experience, specifically with autotrading C2 strategies? Interested in any opinions from real accounts at Tradovate … good or bad.

I have just opened new account few days back with Tradovate and no auto-trading has happen yet.

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I really enjoy Tradovate. Great trading tools across Android, iOS, web, mac & PC. Also includes OFA/AlgoX with advanced subscription. With subscription all trade commissions are $0. Great replay market & trade capabilities with simulated accounts. Great support staff that has responded to all my questions usually in real time via built in chat. When I have had issues they debugged it quickly and have take feedback really well.

I started off with free trade account but once I got higher frequency of auto trading then it made sense to upgrade. Love the additional features I get with the Advanced.

They also helped me quickly set up a sub account so I can manual trade (as a shadow) to the main auto trading account (has to be same side of the position/no hedging).

I have a main account with $100k. Have traded hundreds of futures contracts and am up about 8% in 1 month (if I hadn’t screwed w stuff it would be up $21k). The sub account is $25k.

The C2 set up was really simple and all of the issues that I have had have been on C2 side but both C2 and Tradovate worked together to resolve quickly. For futures they can’t be beat IMO.

Hi champ_pat, Your Tradovate account was approved by your broker within minutes of entering your AutoTrade permissions. You do not yet see AutoTrading activity because you elected to not join the open, current positions for one strategy. The other strategy did not have any open position at the time you entered AutoTrade permissions and has not yet opened a new position. Everything is working as it should be. You’re welcome to contact the C2 Help Desk for additional personalized help.

Just to add a comment here. I opened an account with Tradovate and their prompt communication and help in getting things going was excellent. Very quick responses to emails by Andrew.