Trailing stop loss?


Is there a way to enter the trailing stop loss on C2?

Appreciate your help.

- Roshan

optNDX system.

No I dont think so, there is no trailing stop allowed.

Trailing stop loss would be a nice to have.

I’m guessing that implementing a trailing stop would be too computationally intensive for c2.

You can already place trailing stops by fixed amounts rather than percentages, read the section on ‘relative stops and targets’ just below the trade entry screen.

Relative stops are completely different issue.

c2 does not offer trailing stops at the moment.

Currently the relative orders allow stops to be placed in reference to the trade price ‘T’ or the open ‘O’, I would think it’s not a huge leap to allow relative to the high ‘H’ and then I assume you would have the trailing stop you’re looking for, but it would require the price data to be highly accurate and frequently populated and may also be onerous for the vendor having to refresh orders every day if ‘H’ is for that day’s data only. Matthew, how about it?