Trailing Stop

Almost all brokers offer trailing stop orders. Is there anyway C2 could support them? I’m looking at instances where you have a nice profit and would sell, but instead opt to set a trailing stop in an attempt to lock in more profit based on the momentum.

No trailing stops. Surely, it would be nice if they could be inserted on C2

I agree.

A trailing stop feature would be greatly appreciated. At the moment I’m getting up in the middle of the night to adjust stops manually on C2.

I think that with a trailing stop all the matter will be very very better: more gains for developers, for traders and for C2. The developers can insert more and more programs, because tha trailing stop is sometimes mandatory and absorbs a lot of energies of the provider-developer. Obviously this is my opinion. As all things, there could be a check: if you will you can use or not. The best of the best could be that the trader itself (not the provider) can decide if use trailing or not. I realize that this could be vey difficult: nevertheless I think that Matthew Klein has surely the skilness to do it.