Adjusting Stops (manual trailing stop)


While researching using C2 I found that there was a “replace” option next to a pending stoploss order. I assumed I could use this feature to adjust stops (like a trailing stop). I’m aware that C2 doesn’t have automated trailing stops, however I assumed I could adjust them manually each day.

Is there a way I can adjust a conditional stoploss order, or cancel and resubmit the stoploss?

For example this is a current trade in which I’d like to move/resubmit the stoploss order from “stop 4.62” to "stop 5.27"

BTO 493 MNI at market Filled: 5.06 at 1/18/11 9:37 ET

STC 493 MNI at limit 6.19 Working

STC 493 MNI at stop 4.62 Working




Do I simply cancel the order and then immediately after put in a new stop order? Presumably cancelling the stoploss doesn’t close the position?

I found the answer. “Cancel” is the only option showing on the main page. However by going to ‘Trade Entry’ the “replace” option is then visible. And life is easy again!