Trending Futures not updating

Mathew -

Looks like our system at is not updating data properly. The data is still showing from yesterday. Please if you can check into it to see what the hang up is.

Also, I read a post the other day about these furoms needing udating. There are a lot of good third party forum systems out there these days. It would be an easy integration to do if you simply setup a new domain name to run them, then link that domain from here via your "Forums" link. Get with me if you need some help finding the time to do it, as I could manage the project for you.


Aspire Trader

What in particular do you feel is not being updated correctly? Please note that charts and the "stats" are updated periodically (at a minimum once per day, often more frequently) so are never quite real time.

The data is now showing more accurate / recent as of this writing, so an update has taken place since my last post:

When I posted earlier no data within C2 on the Trending Futures had been updated with a time stamp since 1/30 (yesterday).

Quote providers typically have a 15-20 minute delay, so anything longer seems excessive to me in this day of bits and bytes moving in nanoseconds.

kind regards.