C2 stop working


C2 stop working or extremely slow this morning.

Soemtimes I get the message:

" There is a problem reaching Collective2.

      Please try reloading the page.

      If this does not work, please see c2status.com

      for latest Collective2 Platform Status."

Dashboard doesn’t show any P/Ls.

Okay guys, here’s the status. We had a brief site outage this morning. The actual outage time was just minutes, but it was preceded by general site slowness, weird simulated fills, etc.

Now, the good news is: We are back, up and running…

…but there are some funky things that have been cached and will display for a while. These will refresh over time… (I’ll try to accelerate it)… but one thing to try is to re-login.

I’m sorry for the hassle.

Hi, MatthewKlein
For my strategy Indices Futures,

the latest trade(signal#107328184) was an error. It shows I shorted 1 TF and cover at 0, therefore produced a winning of 96113. My performance was 40% gain right before this trade, but now it shows a 520% gain.
I tried to submit a trouble ticket, but I don’t know what price it covered, since web was stop working at that time.
So so the trouble ticket says my format is incorrect because I gave no price.
Can you just remove this trade?

Sorry, short 1 NQ.
When I check later, there was a message saying the trade was cancelled.
I don’t know which was cancelled, the short or the cover.

The problem is fixed.