Turning on Autotrade with OEC

Is there a reliable way to initiate autotrading without being forced into currently open positions?

My situation:

- Have OEC account with funds

- Subscribed to system and set up Autotrade, linked to OEC account

- Have NOT yet authorized OEC to accept signals. (waiting to resolve this question)

- Two positions currently open in the system.

My understanding is that AutoSync will automatically open those two position in my account in the middle of the trades. This is not desirable for (hopefully) obvious reasons.

Is there a facility to ensure that AutoTrade does not jump into existing trades when first turned on? If not, how can I avoid this situation other than waiting for a lapse in open positions? (could be a while)



Hi, Todd:

There is no way at this time to enable AutoTrading without joining trades currently in progress. In the For What It’s Worth Department, your account’s marked-to-market performance will pretty closely match the Model Account’s performance from the period in time that you start trading, even if you join a trade in progress.

But this feature has been requested very often, and hopefully we’ll be able to add it in the next major AutoTrade release.