First autotrade, spurious buy signals!

I just started autotrading my first system. It took a while to setup autotrade with my broker (MBTrade), days actually, and at the same time Collective2 had me subscribed to the system.

At the moment C2 approved my autotrading with the broker, there was an open ‘BUY’ position for the system. C2 turned around and executed this buy order with hours of delay the moment the account was setup.

This is wrong. C2 should wait for positions to be closed before staring the first order with the new system.

This problem could be solved by simply make sure that the broker account is setup first and then, and only then, start autotrading. Not the other way around how C2 did with me.

There are numerous cases in the forums where this happens, but if you’re subscribed to the system you will immediately allocate yourself to the system’s signals.

The warning about this is somewhere in your terms and conditions prior to subscribing.


Seems to me that if you want to autotrade a system and you are subscribing at the same time, it should not start autotrading until the broker relationship has been established.

I wonder what happens if you are already subscribed to a system, and you turn on autotrading in the middle of an opened position.

The result is exactly as the case is here. It will put you in the system’s position automatically.