Why doesn't C2 charge a flat fee per subscription instead of percentage?

I haven’t started my strategy up yet but I’m all set up to do so.

The thing is, I hate this 50% fee.

Why doesn’t C2 just charge a flat rate per subscription or just a flat fee per month?

I mean, C2 charges me a flat fee of $39 PLUS a percentage.

Why not just charge a flat fee and that’s it? I rather pay $100 a month flat fee instead of 50% per subscription.

Business decisions are tough, especially pricing. C2 has to strike a balance… if it charges very high monthly fees and no percentage, it discourages trade leaders who have no subscribers yet, and may lose their participation; end result fewer trade leaders here, especially fewer long term leaders. If it charges very low monthly fees and very high percentage, it might encourage lots of experimentation from many trade leaders, but is that actually desirable? C2 chose an in between route with fees that are serious enough to weed out experimental wannabees, and percentages that are onerous but still livable to leaders and here we are.

Of course, all of that may be off base! I’m a trade leader, not a C2 insider. But it seems a reasonable if oversimplified overview of the situation. Anyway, it’s your nickel and your strategy… get started and join us or walk away.

You know you have an option to not use C2 and start your own site which charges people a flat fee per month, right?
Alternatively, you can say thank you C2 for creating a venue in which we can share our trade strategies so that we can help others achieve their goals of financial success.


I think this would probably enforce a minimum trade leader fee. So instead of having $29 monthly fees for some strategies that trade very infrequently and may also have a lower annual return. Then the trade leader would have to charge more to make up the difference.

It would then not make sense to charge $129 monthly for a strategy that only returns 15% annually.