Understanding the grid

when I sort the grid according to “max drawdown”, I see my strategy in the list (6.3%); but when sorted by annual rate of return or profit factor (170% and 2:1), it does not show up… but I’m pretty sure I saw it over the weekend… It’s only 39 days old, is this a factor? Thank you in advance, M.

I can find you on the grid under all 3 metrics. One possibility that I always forget about is to make sure that I’ve reset the “All, Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options” filter at the top left corner of the grid.

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thank you… yes, it is now there under all 3, it wasn’t earlier… maybe I just need to give things a little time to catch up…all is well

@mark_warren, it’s not just your imagination too, the Grid does have glitches. If you fill in some < or > values, you’ll sometimes find yours or some others’ strategies disappear off the grid without reason, and a subtle parameter change (e.g., from 2.3 to 2.31) might make the missing ones reappear, even though they might not have been close to that threshold. i can’t give you a clear example of this, but I’ve seen it many times.

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last night while sorting by “futures” under “annual return”, there were many very new strategies up top, which is understandable… mine was listed at #25

this morning I noticed many, if not all of those are missing, including mine; but much further down on page 2, there are strategies only a couple weeks old, so that’s not it, therefore it is confusing.

I am visible under other metrics, and I can find it with a search. but somehow based on the numbers today I should be in the #3 spot under annual return… I’m sure it will sort itself out, like the topic says, I’m just trying to “understand the grid”

You are correct. When I clear all filters and click annual return (descending) Art of War is 54. When I select “futures” , I cannot find it. Nice looking chart BTW. I am following :slight_smile:

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Thank You… the grid seems to have returned to how it was on Thursday night; and my strategy is there, in the correct location