Update on this trade problem


Just an update from the previous post… Some how the system just closed this trade (today is 5/24) but it show the date on 5/21 at 11:50 with the price 1.25443 for a lost of 4 pips instead of today May 24th with about +170 pips profit. Can you check and fix it please?


Si Nguyen

The trade actually was closed immediately – as soon as it opened, for a loss of a few pips (the bid/ask) because you entered a stop loss that was marketable. I am sorry that the display did not move the trade properly into the “closed” trade area when it should have (that was indeed a display error) – but the actual fill was executed at the time (5/21) and the display wasn’t corrected until 5/24.

If you have any further questions, please send me an email - matthew at collective2