Updating stops

I often enter a position at market with an open profit target and a stop loss which I will then I will move daily (invariably tightening the stop loss). However in the past month or so the order screen will not allow me to use REPLACE to update the said stop loss…so I have to close the WHOLE order down each day and restart it which of course means losing the spread each time this happens!! I’ve tried entering two separate orders to get around this (e.g. buy to open and a sell to close at the stop I want) this does not work in the order screen either. In desperation I tried to install the MT4C2 EA…and that stubbornly refuses to show up under my EA icon in MT4 ( I should note I have a lot of experience with EA’s and still cannot account for this). Is anyone else experiencing these problems? I could really do with some help with this. Thanks.

Hi, FX -

I just tried entering an order with a stop loss and profit target, and then replaced the target, and it worked fine for me. So I must not fully understand exactly what you are trying to do, and exactly what does not work.

Please send me an email with an example I can duplicate. Write step-by-step instructions for how I can replicate this error, starting with the initial order to enter, and then tell me what to click, and what to type, and what specifically does not work. Screen shots, if available, might be helpful.

Also, let me know the browser type, version, and operating system you use. Write to help@collective2.com and I’ll take a look.