US Stock Trader

Hoping this new post catches the eye of the developer.
I have been a very happy subscriber to US Stock Trader for a few years now.
The developer (Glen) has done an excellent job bobbing and weaving since I joined.
I have gotten to know the style and character of his trades over the years. . I respected his discipline
and performance enough to overlook the one caveat of being a subscriber to his system, a total lack of communication.
He simply has never sent out a broadcast and has always been slow to respond to private messages and occasionally you get no response.
All that being said, his last trade, still pending closure, is completely out of character. I don’t know what happened but he has all but abandoned ship in the discipline department. I am completely baffled. I have noticed that he has not checked in to C2 for days, sometimes over a week of late. Glen, if you are out there, please do us the courtesy of responding to this inquiry. I’m sure you have many subscribers other than myself that are looking for direction.


Just wanted to bring this back to the top. Wondering if any subscribers have been offered to place a review,
Hoping this once again catches the eye of the developer. I must say this reconfirms, even after many successful years,
nothing will keep the developer in check better than a TOS designation. Its a damn shame and I just wish the developer would communicate what Is going through his head as all protocol seems to have flown out the window. Hopefully he will respond sternly and scald me with a reasonable explanation.