What system has in its description this verbiage, "No trades are left unattended, if a position reverses and breaks support they will be closed. Stop Loss will be used to prevent big losses. Positive trades will run until they exhaust themselves?"

See if anyone can name the system.

I do hope that the developer can pull out of his slump, I want all systems to be profitable. It just seems like we all jump on the bandwagon of a new system showing tremendous profits without initially giving the system time to normalize. We wish for the stars, but would easily settle for blue skies every other day.

it would be Russell Trending, ES Trending & Gold Trending.
I hope Rick finds his mojo again. ES & Gold never really had it.
I am unsure of what has happened.
He mentioned that his high subscription numbers were causing logistic problems with the orders,
but i would think C2 is set up for that.
Shoot the market has been on a tear since Trump won; surely we could have rode some of that wave every day.

Obviously, Rick is a gifted trader…forget what has happened recently and just go with your skills.

Give a strategy time to prove itself. If it’s just a few months old it might be luck or a market period that makes the strategy look good. Once it gets subscribers it might change as well. There is no rush. If the strategy actually works long term it will still be there making money next year and the year after. If it’s not gonna last 6 months you didn’t want to have joined it for the going away party as it won’t be fun.