Vix Lite Take A Look

Vix Lite - A low priced alternative. $39
Price may rise but will never be more than $99

Vix Lite intends on being the first fully dedicated system on C2 that outwardly attempts to take a rather conservative approach that will mostly use the Vix. Vix Lite will be buffered utilizing fringe instruments or by implementing a more reasonable position in the Vix.

Vix Lite’s goal is to endure any environment, not just a bull market like so many other systems on C2. I believe I can easily double or triple my return but Vix Lite is built on a disciplined approach.
When you are ready, give it a try.

Looking very good! Keep it up!

Thank you Algo, I appreciate it!

Leveraging XIV with margin. Thanks but I’ll pass. Best of luck to you.

None of my trades are leveraged. Did I make some leveraged trades in what we call Mach Mode, but of course.

Stick around dog, you might learn something.

I’m confused then.
-Your have a $25k account.
-First trade you went long 211 shares of XIV. About $25k. 100% long. All good.
-Next day you bought another 200 shares of XIV before closing your previous trade.
So at that point you were roughly 200% invested. To me, that is leverage.
Or am I missing something?

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That’s what I call The Mach5 slingshot maneuver.
It was executed with skill & finesse. DD. is impeccable.

This is a conservative Vix system as you will see.

Keep trying troll.

Hi Dog,
I’m with you… Margin is being used in that account… I call that leveraging also. I’ll be passing.
Happy Holidays Everyone !

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it is possible to utilize leverage and not be in a state of leverage or eminent danger.
Truth is, although I am confident from my experience, that I can generate results much quicker with a relatively respectable DD., I decided to really slow Vix Lite down simply because I prefer making money slowly.
It’s been stated before that none of my positions are leveraged.
In, closing I guess we can agree to disagree that Vix Lite is not suited for you ladies.
Thank you and Cheers.

I will from time to time, post uplifting quotes. Just something to make you smile.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
Mother Teresa

so far only 5 trades. You should make the system free for 6 months to build up a track record. Will be hard to get subscribers with less than a month track record.

Hey thanx for the advice but $39 is close to free. It doesn’t stop C2 from charging leaders
with no track record. Besides, I have a proprietary strategy and 1000’s of hours of research in this.


Aww, poor dog. Sounds like you’ve lost a lot of money in the market and are :rage:
Several days ago you emailed me begging for a free membership for a month, and how you can’t afford to pay for another one at this time due to some sort of hardship. Look, I apologized to you in a nice manner. I can’t do free memberships!

Control yourself dude. Robert is one of the best VIX traders here. You need longer record to demonstrate yourself.

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LOL. Guys - stay away from this joker. He straight up lies. About as professional as a clown. Just a warning.

Ok just did my homework on Dog Zebra. Seems he’s a very bitter & unsuccessful salesman on C2. He had to hang it up due to consumer apathy. Look him up!:yum:

Hey Vix Lite, I’ll make a deal with you. If you are still around in a year with a successful system, like VixTrader, I’ll subscribe.
If not, you have to apologize to any subscribers for their losses on the forum.

I made this deal with someone else - but they since deleted all their posts and disappeared after their system crashed and burned after about 2-3 months!

Oh, and I closed my recent system after 40-50% gains in 6 months with low DD. Made some money for and from subscribers, but the trading execution was too poor here. Thanks for the interest :slight_smile: