Vix Lite The Future of Trading

I encourage developers to follow. I will try to keep pricing as reasonable as possible for as long as I can.
Give me some feedback!

Vix Lite is a very carefully laid out system that trades Xiv long, but also shorts a network of very low correlated 3x ETFs. End result is a pretty good return with a respectable drawdown.
Low correlation, and taking position sizes of 5-20 % in each instrument, helps mitigate big drawdowns.
On occasion, I may take on a well planned larger position.
The truth is, markets will change and in my opinion, strictly trading Xiv long, will not endure. As we go from a raging bull market to a more volatile market, trade leaders will find it challenging to maintain results, and subscribers will be scrambling for the exits as the walls start crumbling in. I predicted a lengthy bull market due to a lengthy bear market, but it’s the 7 inning and game time is running out. Truth is, virtually every system went belly up after the horrific recession of 2008.
Like Chuck Heston, I intend on being that Omega Man. That is why I created Vix Lite.

Some Shorting Notions

In my opinion, many experienced traders know shorting leveraged ETFs is the future.
Some novice traders may shy away from shorting, but it’s been profitable and ez for me due to,

A. Holding small position sizes

B. Holding a group of non-correlated instruments.

C. Shorting at the appropriate time(shorting percentage wins have been very robust in various trading environments going back to 2007.

D. Shorts are only held anywhere from 3 days to several weeks. Added benefit of Vix Lite being a swing trade system is, you can enter the trade at a later time, if you see a pullback or still be able to catch a large portion of the win since there is ample time.

E. I believe experienced traders know about the power of decay, as these 3x ETFs work in your favor as they erode as time goes on.

There are those that may say that sometimes it’s hard to find shares to short, but I find shares most frequently and have not had much problem doing so. Not to worry, Vix Lite is still profitable even if you cannot find shares to short. You can
Short a 2x or 1x equivalent, or simply go long the normal 3x long.


Typical drawdowns for Vix Lite, per instrument are about 5%
Most fall in the 1-9%. Any larger drawdown, which may occur very rarely, will be absorbed or mitigated by the diversity and low correlations and small position sizes of the instruments as it would most likely be 5-20% of the system.
One can further mitigate any loss by allocating 20% or less towards a we’ll balanced portfolio.
A drawdown of 20% or more seems unlikely in my opinion due to the diversity and low correlation of the instruments. And if one were to allocate 10-20% of Vix Lite towards a portfolio, that would translate to 2-4%
I’m of the opinion that when markets start to change in the spring or next year, or whenever, this system will be a model for many trade leaders.

Fellow traders, be cautious, don’t trade more than you can afford to lose, trading is risky and you may lose money doing so. All ideas above and below are strictly my opinion.

Welcome to c2. Good luck with your strategy. Since we already have 50 of them all trading $xiv and minimize draw down. VixTrader has been very successful, now everyone is cloning what he does.

What separate your strategy from 50 other $xiv vix strategy?


I have been at the forefront of trading Xiv, and have been doing so for many years. I just have not been profiting off the public. I thought I wrote a lengthy description, please read again. But I guess what sets me apart is I provided a strategy that will work through any environment, while the other Xiv strategies conceal their plan, if any in a bear or turbulent environment. Perhaps they think fluff and cordial answers will assuage the masses. Hope this helps.

I provided a strategy that will work through any environment, while the other Xiv strategies conceal their plan

I would like to reach out to say thank you to all my new subscribers this week.
I do have a unique trading approach so it may take a couple of weeks before you start to get used to my methods. Hang in there for 4 months and I’ll think you’ll be satisfied. Only $59 a month as of this post.

One personal disappointment today, I was both short Dgaz in my personal account and on C2.
So what happens? Dgaz drops more than 10% in pre-market. I cover for about 9% in my personal account but no follow through at open so couldn’t get that trade off the way C2 is designed. This will happen in the market from time to time.
Albeit, very happy with my trade. There will be many more opportunities in the future I am sure.

Again, thank you all so much!!

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Nice start for Vix Lite. Could close the month up 10% or more.
Anything more than 7% a month is great.
The real test will come in various market conditions.
Have some real good setups planned for January.

I am encouraging developers of systems to follow me. I will try to keep pricing as reasonable as possible. As of this posting, the price is $50 bucks. Talk is cheap, so I will have to prove it. For those that do not want to auto trade and simply want to get ideas of what’s about to move, this system is for you. I will not disclose my methods but I am very confident that over time, you will find this beneficial. Given enough time, part of this method has been 100%. The way I trade this, should achieve 90% wins over time, I did trade a few instruments that do not pertain to my system which has brought the win rate down a bit, but I have eliminated them. I believe I should be able to achieve an 80-90% win over a years time.
System trades mostly shorts at mostly the right time. You can, trade 3x ETFs short, turn around and trade the equivalent long, or simply trade the 1 time instrument long. I believe all 3 methods will be profitable.
I am aiming for over 100% return in ANY ENVIRONMENT. Not guaranteed.

Here are my shortcomings:
even though I achieved 17% in December, I may enter trades a bit too early, and exit a bit too early. As traders, we are constantly trying to up our game. This has not diminished the robustness of my return, but I am constantly trying to improve.

Where I excel
Knowing what’s about to move, if your looking for a boost to your portfolio or your subs, this is your system.
If you believe you are a better trader than me, this your system. I’ll provide the goods.

As far as drawdowns, I don’t find it to be a problem as I will carry several positions across different commodities & sectors which average 10-20% per trade.
It’s a well balanced system that enters most trades at the right time. My methods are very good at containing drawdowns

Feel free to give me some feedback.

You’ve been looking for a system with an angle.

Here it is.

Your system is extremely risky because you use a method called martingale or double down and the use 2 to 1 leverage. Your first trade on 12/5/2017 is an vivid example. I predict your system will blow up in a year or two if not sooner. People who trade the martingale system are basically gamblers and there are many of them here on C2 so be aware.


Virtually all my trades take a 10-20% position and my trades have a low Correlation to each other.
I did take 1 large trade that I knew would be profitable, I’m very confident in my trades but investors like to see low drawdowns, so moving forward that will not be the case.
Re-read my description.

Good luck to you and your future trades!!

Must be nice to know going into a trade it is going to be 100% profitable.

SteveKwan is right. I pointed it out as well.

It is nice. I understand long range trends and phases very well.
So it was a :cake: of :birthday:

As we move forward, as I’ve stated before, Vix Lite will be a model for all top leaders. Vix Lite was designed on using a network of stocks with low correlation, now the new hot topic on the board is, you guessed it, low correlation.

I can in my opinion easily make 200% a year, but have decided to pull back the reigns in an effort to minimize drawdown. This takes a disciplined approach.

As of this post, Vix Lite is $59, a real deal.
Sign up now as others have already done, to see how it’s done.

While other top leaders(who just happened to start their strategies right after a volatile phase) only trade 1 instrument (XIV) and preach the perils of averaging down? I trade a basket of low-correlated instruments.
Position size usually range from 10-20% I may start with a 10% position then add 1 more position of 10%. So let’s say 5-10 low correlated positions,
each consisting of a mere 10-20% of the portfolio. However, the purely Xiv systems, are 100% of their portfolio. These systems will eventually blow up.
These systems are a house of cards. Not safe at all.

I just realized that trade was when you went long 200% XIV.
There is no way to KNOW that it is going to be profitable. Many instances have seen that XIV a dive of 5-10% or more in a very short period in a day.

This will be fun to watch…

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This is a simulation of what would have happened to XIV in 2007-2009.

Would you trust your money to some internet leader who has only made money using one instrument in a raging bull market? Disturbing.

And don’t say going long Vxx for that period is the answer, it doesn’t hold up.

And don’t forget 2011 and 2014-2016. You are playing Russian roulette.
Your leader will be buying every dip all the way down.
Money will fry.

Then why you call it VIX lite if you don’t just trade vix ?

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The first week I started Vix Lite, I was aiming for huge returns between 200-300% and a drawdown of under 25. I felt This was easily achievable due to my highly optimized system which trades in both directions and anticipates reversals at a 90% rate. Perhaps I’ll introduce that system at a later time.
But as it stands I will be aiming for a system that’s lighter in the Vix with a lower drawdown.

The Xiv wave is an ez euphoric ride right now. But reality will bite hard and that’s not just fantasy that is a reality. I mean, you seriously do not need to pay a leader $2400 a year in a bull market. Just add money on Xiv pullbacks until the trend ends. You’ll make infinitely more that way. You lose money paying a leader, underperforming buy n hold and not buying on dips. This is from my personal knowledge and strictly my opinion.

Oh boy. Vix starting to look fun again.
Everyone likes a good ballgame.

Be careful kids the roads are slick. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa with the little marshmallows in it.