Vn forex club stats error

Dear Mathew, please take a look at vn forex club stats, there is a big error on 15/1 (signal ID: 24521452) that unintentional credited $14 779.85$ for vn forex club. The USD/JPY sell signal @ 120.57 was sent by 15/1/2007 with a limit profit @ 118 and the trade ended next day with the profit of $10,667. Jesus!!! USDJPY didn’t trade at 118 even a month later, so how come vn forex club was credited by $10,667 whereas it should be debited (-4112.85$). Remembering that USDJPY was trade at least 100 pips above 120.57, that should trigger the loss of -4112.85$ ~ 100 pips. So, i think vn forex club stats should be decreased by a total amount of 10667+ 4112.85 = $14 779.85$. This is a fair deal for the system vendor.


You are absolutely correct. I have adjusted the incorrect trade and the results and stats will be gradually updated over the course of the day as the server processes statistics.

It looks like you forgot to correct the vn forex club stats after correcting the trade error. So, just a head up to remind you about that stats correction, if you found it’s difficult to remove the entire amount of $14 779.85$ , then at least removing $10,667 , I’m sure that many other system vendor won’t be happy by this situation.