Wanting to try a systems.....?

Are any of the systems better for “novice” investers. Also is it possilbe to buy less then the suggested shares and still produce some gains? Want to start small and build up somewhat gradually…

Thanks for the help


How small is small? If you start with too little capital to trade, your chances for failure increase.

My BTS Small Cap Value system is very easy to trade. It trades stocks, and typically only rebalances the portfolio once a week (every weekend). So your trading costs (commissions) are much less. Still, I would say if you have less than $20,000 to trade, you might want to wait until you can build up more capital.

You can try BTS Small Cap Value at no cost for 30 days, and see how you like it.


The DailyProfits trading system is a very low risk system. Our number one priority is the preservation of trading capital and I have many trading rules in place to protect your capital. I also provide a daily email. In the past it has been basically a daily market commentary but starting this week I have reformated it in such a way that helps the trader to understand each trade. I even recommend certain stocks in my portfolio for traders with very small portfolio’s. Basically I teach you how to trade and what to trade. Try DailyProfits FREE for 60 days.

Szia Lacikam!

>Are any of the systems better for “novice” investers?

Well, it depends on what you mean by novice investor. There shouldn’t be a difference between novice or seasoned investors for any system, meaning the complexity of using any system should be the same for both group. Saying that, I would advice a novice investor to use a system that trades rather infrequently, (not a daytrading system) thus you have the time to follow and execute the trades.

>Also is it possilbe to buy less then the suggested shares and still produce some gains?

Some gains, yes, the same gains, no. Obviously with less money you can make the same % gains but not the absolute gains.

>Want to start small and build up somewhat gradually…

Well, with stocks that is a rather slow process. You could do much faster with options or futures and you could use much less capital, but obviously your risk is going to be higher.

You can open a future account with 3-4K and there are at least a dozen systems on C2 that use Dow or S&P futures as trading vehicles…

I was looking to start with about 5-8k. Its not alot from the what I have been reading but thats what I can start with now. Not looking for “HUGE” returns but something with a reasonable return with medium to high risk (if options or futures are the way, I’m willing to try those as well"…Obviously more money more return, but I am ok with starting small. Hey peter, thanks for noticing my nationality, had to do a doulbe take on the greeting line…Haven’t seen “lacika” in a while…lol

This is perhaps one of the confusing, and maybe misleading, aspects of the performance reports. The system developer is producing signals that incorporate “money management” for a $100,000+ account. That leaves the potential subscriber wondering if "it [is] possible to buy less then (sic) the suggested shares and still produce some gains."

The answer to that is “yes”, if the system is profitable! You should, in fact, ignore the huge number of shares you see being traded in some of the simulated accounts and focus on the W:L ratio. Then apply your own money management, or position sizing, to the capital with which you have to work.

Raleigh R. Lee