Web trader NOT Working

Web trader interface not working on multiple platforms. Cant enter a symbol.

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It’s working just fine on my side, I just initiated and closed a GBP/USD position without any problem.

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Can you give us more details, please? No issues reported it’s working as expected.

When I Tried typing symbols into ticker area, site acted extremely slow. Took about thirty seconds between each character . Finally able to make a few trades. Same symptoms on mobile phone and laptop.

When that happens I simply refresh the whole page and the problem disappears. Try this little trick next time. Hope this helps.

I tried that. Didn’t work. If I continue to have problems with the new cluttered trading interface I’ll probably just close up shop.

Yesterday and today everything works. No problem at all.

Extremely slow for me entering and loading symbols and the unnecessary chart.

Just out of curiosity, what symbols are you trying to input and what web browser are you using, while in Web Trader?

Web Trader having problems atm:

Hmm, Webtrader completely empty. I guess a temporary network problem. Refreshing the whole page could help.