Webtrader: Wish List

In general I think the website is very well constructed. However, since I’m a very active trader and can easily have a dozen orders on the go at the same time, I find the use-ability of webtrader, which to me is the core driving function of the website, not very suitable for the active trader. Some ideas to consider are:

  1. The ability to expand/collapse the orders tab, similar to the way the chart can be expanded horizontally, but in this case , vertically. Then I can use my entire web page to view the orders, since most of them fall way off the bottom of the screen and I’m constantly having to search for the correct open order. I also don’t use the webtrader charts at all and really would like to eliminate that from the view altogether.

  2. Additional tabs just for Open orders and possibly other types such as closed, filled, cancelled etc. All orders including cancelled ones are constantly displayed and the last one modified stays at the top. My system constantly updates target and stop orders and the list just grows absurdly thus burying the open orders even farther down the list.

  3. Latest used symbols: My system monitors and can trade at least a dozen different contracts at any time. If that part of the interface can be expanded to include more latest used symbols, imo, at least 3 rows worth, it would make active trading a lot easier.

I hope the C2 development team will consider my wish list.