I prefer the Classic Dashboard

Hi Matthew,
In the last several month you have made some great improvements to the C2 site which I really appreciate but as far as the new dashboard is concerned I cannot see any advantages over the Classic one, at least not from the auto trading subscriber’s view point. As an auto trader I am primarily concerned about what positions are open, what is the present profit or loss, what would be the profit/loss if the present limit or stop is hit or do I have to add or change stops or limits or do I have to close out the position. All of this I can only do from the Open Position page where all that information is clearly presented, so why clutter up the new dashboard with some of that info. I always have on my computer, besides the dashboard tab, a tab with the Open Position next to it where I can readily switch between the two.

What I am missing on the new one is the Live Feed of the systems I am auto trading in real time and not what my present positions are for that systems because that often differs since I close or add positions. On the classic dashboard I can readily compare what the system’s positions are (they even contain the time when the position was entered) versus mine which again helps me to make any adjustments. In addition, whenever there is a trade in one of my many systems it appears on the top of the old dashboard so I don’t have to chase around to find out which system trade this particular contract. Frankly, I think the new dashboard is an overkill, at least from the subscriber’s viewpoint, maybe you looked at it from a different viewpoint. Maybe you should give all auto trading subscribers a chance to vote which dashboard they prefer. I also would appreciate feed backs from subscribers if and why they prefer the new dashboard. I hope this is viewed as a constructive critique and as I said before, overall the C2 site has seen great improvements.
Karl A

Hi Karl:

Great feedback, thanks.

While it probably won’t be possible to keep supporting both versions of the Dashboard forever, I will definitely try to make the new version work the way C2 members want.

Based on your feedback (interesting feedback, by the way – you raised some points I didn’t think of ) - what I plan on doing is giving people the choice to see either their AutoTrade Open Positions, or the Strategy’s Model Account positions, or both. I think that or both part is critical, and I’ll try to get to work on that soon.

Please let me know if this idea sounds reasonable (at least in principle; I know the execution matters a lot).

And of course please keep the great feedback coming. I can make C2 better for its members only if I know how they like to use the site, and what is missing, and what they dream about at night.



Can we open systems in a new tab ? Its really annoying that we have to leave the dashboard everytime we click on a system .

Ok. Will work on that ASAP

Hi Matthew,
To see the real time positions of the strategy and not just the positions of my auto trading account would certainly help me.

I realize the new dashboard has still growing pains but I know you are working on it.

I’ve been noticing an error on the dashboard where a “put” is listed as a “call”. The system still tracks the correct trade, it is just listed wrong on the dashboard.

Hi, Terrys:

It would be really great if you could snap me a little screen shot of the put/call error and send it my way - help@collective2.com.

Will save me some time trying to figure out where the error occurs.

Thanks so much!



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