What does Auto Close: $DATE ($TIME) mean in ITM?

I have been autotrading since March 2011. Usually, the Comments field of the ITM is blank. But recently I have been seeing "Auto Close: $DATE ($TIME)" on some orders, for example: "Auto Close: 6/27/11 (10:14)"

Why would C2 automatically close orders, or are these orders still being sent from the subscription? Would like an explanation of this. Thank you.

This is chosen by the system manager. He is using the "Auto-Close" feature, through which he is allowed to specify a time each day that positions are to be closed. (He can select different times for each symbol, or a single time for all symbols.)


Is this feature only available to a vendor from the systems details page? Will it be available from the trade page at some future time?

Where can I find this “Auto-Close” feature if I am system vendor? I looked all over and can’t find it. Thank you.

ADMIN button (blue button over chart) --> Edit System Details