Why Autoclose doesnt work?

I use Autoclose to close all my positions at one time always. Since many days ago, i have many systems, and Autoclose doesnt works, it doesnt close operations. Then my systems go down, because leave open positions. If this cuestion not is solved, i will have to kill my systems of Collective2, because then, not is real system, is a bad work of Collective2. Please, Mathew, can you repair the function Autoclose, that is very useful?[LINKSYSTEM_44346770]

This was indeed a problem, and I believe it is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, i believe it works now. But is too late for one of my systems, my system toda have a big drawdown because of this. I dont know if i have to begin the system again, but then i have to pay again…I dont like see my system with a irreal drawdown because a error of C2.[LINKSYSTEM_44346770]