What kind of "equity" does this chart cover?

I’m looking at systems and other people’s My Analyst. Some trade multiple markets (stocks, futures, currencies) so when I look at their chart I don’t know what trading instrument it is. Is it on the chart somewhere?

Hi Susan,

I’m not sure I understand your question, but will have a go:

An equity curve doesn’t refer to a specific equity, but to the equity growth (capital growth) of the system.

Some systems only trade one instrument (EURUSD, SPY, or whatever) so their charts are the growth they’ve achieved with that one “equity”, but it’s the balance growth of their account on the chart, not an individual equity.

For those that trade many instruments, some folk will detail what they trade in their system descriptions (long version) - like I do in mine - otherwise you need to look at their trading histories to get a feeling for what they trade. These systems trade a portfolio of markets, while others trade an individual market.