What posts are allowed

when I want to make a new post, I get a message:


All forum posts must comply with National Futures Association rules. In particular,

please do not post: Performance claims for trading systems not available on this web site.

Specific performance data for any trading system - even those on this site.

Statistics change over time, and will become out of date after you post.

Claims that your system is low-risk, always makes profits, or will deliver some

pre-determined annual return. There is no way to guarantee this.


no “guarantee”, of course. But statistical evidence.

What is guaranteed in real life ?

There could even be hurricanes or earthquakes or government default

in Germany … (but unlikely)

So, we have a website here devoted to the listing and (statistical) comparison

of lots of trading systems, but with the strangely increased warning-popups

that past performance is no “guarantee” (of course) of future-performance,

and then those claims like

> please do not post: Specific performance data for any trading system - even those on this site.

which IMO puts the whole C2-mission itself ad absurdum.

It basically says that this forum (which should be about the discussion of C2, right ?)

must not have posts about its essential purpose and mission.

If this is just only a strange problem with

> National Futures Association

(presumably USA-national)

then, can’t we just run another similar forum under the auspices of another nation ?

Yes it is getting a bit absurd, but that’s what regulation has become. The “people” and politicians and press scream for “more regulation” (e.g. to curb those nasty short sellers who destroy the world with their greed) when in fact there is already too much. We need better regulation, not more!

It would be the same in any highly regulated jurisdiction… perhaps C2 could move to the Caymans? But alas then I suspect they would not be allowed to do any marketing in the US or Europe or pretty much anywhere where most retail traders live.

BTW, there actually was an earthquake in Germany last week, which I suppose proves your point :wink: