does anybody work with MT4??

how do you like it?

Ive got my here



somehow, I think this person posted the same message a few days back. This might be a spammer, plugging another product… Keep an eye open.

So far, we have been pretty lucky, but spammers have trashed some other forums (expecially things like USENET forums, like misc.invest.futures…)

Yeah, he’s now gone from the site. Bye bye.


Since most problems seem to be forum access by anonymous nonpayers, maybe you should ALLOW general access to the C2 site, but PREVENT forum posting unless they provide their payment info as either:

– A paid system provider (not just free trial systems)

– A paid subscriber

– Registered their credit information

After all, vendors & subscribers have identified themselves with payment information, so they are likely more legit.

But anonymous people can either:

– spam the forum

– pull some of the various "Graham Scams" - use false IDs to pump their own system or defend their system against others.

All you are doing really is restricting forum postings to people who are no longer anonymous. Again, this is standard practice for many websites. It prevents a lot of fraudulent activity, when the site admin knows who they are.

As I said, Misc.Invest.Futures, the granddaddy of futures/commodities forums at least 15-20 years old (now "Google groups") was ruined by spam. It is now over 85% spam, because it was anonymous and popular.

As of today, spam hasn’t been a big problem because users at least have to register to post here. The “let’s create 100 systems” strategy has also been dealt with, in another way. So for now I don’t see a reason to implement a major change along these lines. If things get out of control, I will reconsider.