Dummy system for testing purposes

It would be great if you would offer a dummy system for anyone to enter trades and to subscribe to without cost. That could be a testing and debugging tool for those who’d like to develop their own trading solutions using your web- and email-interface. As of now, I cannot test how new signals are processed in my system until a real signal arrives.

When I saw the headline for this posting – “Dummy System” – I immediately raced to this message, thinking this was a trading system perfect for me.

I was of course disappointed to learn you actually want a fake trading system for testing purposes.

Ah, but what you want already exists. It’s called the “API Test System” (system ID=12570749).

Anyone can subscribe to the system for free. Even better, anyone can login to C2 and pretend to be the system’s owner, thus posting trades, and generally creating havoc. The imaginary owner of this trading system is named: Mr. Brilliant Programmer. To log in as Brilliant Programmer on C2, use the following login info:



Please don’t follow the trading advice, or do anything else bizarre or mean-spirited. Note that the system stats will be reset from time to time, so don’t be mystified if some of “your” trades disappear suddenly. Also, remember that other people may be posting trades at the same time you do.


No dice - I tried to place a trade there because I’ve always been interested in seeing what the interface looks like, etc. I got this error:

“Your complimentary listing has expired

Before you can enter another trading signal, you’ll need to pay the annual listing fee to continue appearing on and using the Collective2 Web site.

The listing fee for this trading system expired on 12/8/2005. Please pay the semi-annual listing fee to extend your system for another six months. (You can do that here.)”

Whoops. Okay. The Listing Fee has been paid. The API Test System is now fully functional for anyone who wants to fool around with it.