When does tracking of a new system begin?

I am new to C2 and I just started a new system. I am curious as to how long it is before a new system begins to show up in the stats. My system has only been open for a few days and is still mostly in cash although it is off to a good start. I did not notice it in the stats yet; most likely because it is too new. Thanks to those who are able to reply!

What specifically do you mean when you ask when your system will "show up in the stats"?

What stats/page are you referring to?

Thanks for the reply! I use the Grid as a tool to monitor various systems. When I look there I don’t see my system listed either alphabetically or by profit factor. That is the basis of my question. Thanks!

You need at least 6 trades before you appear on The Grid.

That explains it. Does a new system appear anywhere on C2 before 6 trades are made? Thanks!

As a follow up, I checked and I actually HAVE made 6 trades. Any idea why my system is not showing up on the Grid? Thanks

I should have said >6, that’s what I “meant.”

I should have said >6.

Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate the great customer service. Peace!