Why don't my systems show up in the system finder?

My systems–Divend Blaster and Dividend Blaster Aggressive–are both long term stock systems with free trial periods and no short selling. However, no matter how I switch my search around in the system finder, they do not show up.

Can someone help me understand why?[LINKSYSTEM_57985735]

Same for my system MGM Tips EOD, which, in fact, is very successful so far


Any suggestions???

Dear Chris,

The Finder is not meant to show all systems. A computer algorithm selects the ones we think are best to show. Systems with longer track records are considered "better to show" vs. systems with shorter track records.

The Grid is the main search place for systems that meet minimum requirements (i.e. X closed trades, etc.).

- Melissa

Hmmm, that seems like an odd approach. I recommend putting a very visible note explaining those limitations on the system finder page. If I am a new visitor to collective2 and looking for systems, I would almost certainly click “System Finder” long before exploring a link labeled “The Grid”.

Seems to lack ease of use and clarity for newcomers. I’ve been playing around on this site for quite awhile and am just now learning about the limitations of the “System Finder” page.

It seems like the Grid finder has the same limitations too. So new systems, even very successful, newer appear on any search!!! Weird…

Collective2 charges same fee for the systems that are searchable and not. I find this approach very discriminatory.

I hope Collective2 will address this issue.

Try to find [LINKSYSTEM_76870076] .

Yury - I guess you didn’t get the memo:

Systems must be 30 days old and have 7 closed trades to appear in the Grid.

- Alen


PS - you have a long way to go before I would consider your system to be “very successful”.

Ha. Watch me :slight_smile: