Where can I see the account value?

Beside the graph, is there a place where it is shown numerically? And if there is, is it updated after each trade?

under the graph, there should be a “statistics” tab.

Well, there is an Equity number there, but that isn’t the Account Value. I am not even sure what Equity is in this regard.

As an additional question, how is the Buying power calculated? For a 100K account it is 5K more, and as the account grows, so does the buying power. Maybe it is always 1.05 times more…

OK, I think I figured it out. The Equity shown under Statistics is the full profit made, nothing (like commissions) subtracted. The Graph shows different versions of commissions subtracted, so the reason why there isn’t an Account Value numerically displayed is because there are so many versions of possible commissions.

The only thing I found weird is that all versions of the Graph shows auto trading fees included, indicating that no subscriber trades the signals manually. It would be interesting to see performances without auto trading fees…